Our Balsamic

A product with an inimitable taste, result of the experience of the territory and the family, perfectly balanced between sweet and sour,

with an intense taste and a characteristic perfume: a unique and unforgettable experience!

Balsamic   Vinegar

of Modena PGI

Traditional   Balsamic Vinegar

of Modena PDO

Our Strength

‘Aceto Balsamico del Duca dal 1891’ produces various lines of balsamic. They all stood out for the accurate packaging, the better use of different raw materials, which give birth to a range of product perfect for every need and use.

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5 generations

A family history and a passion for a unique product.

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Selected raw materials

Only cooked must produced in the area of origin and Italian wine vinegar.

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Our customers

Our products are appreciated by consumers in over 40 countries.

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Bio since 1995

Pioneers in sharing this philosophy with an organic line certified according to all international standards.