Baguette with figs and Aged Balsamic Vinegar “Duke’s Ampoule”

A perfect combination for the product of the month is an innovative idea, with a season fruit proposed in an alternative dish.



Baguette bread

Modena Ham DOP

Fresh basil



Genovese Pesto sauce

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Aged Balsamic Vinegar – “Duke’s Ampoule”



Take a crispy baguette, and pour some extra virgin olive oil on the bread. Create a layer of Modena ham adding some leaves of arugula. Cut the figs into slices, and put them above the ham, creating a new layer. Add some fresh basil, and some teaspoons of Genovese Pesto sauce to flavour the dish. To conclude, decorate the baguette with Aged Balsamic Vinegar – “Duke’s Ampoule”, which will enhance the deliciousness of your snack!

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