Gulfood 2017

Aceto Balsamico del Duca will participate from February 26th to March 2nd to the 2017 edition of Gulfood; we’ll wait for you at Pavilion Shk Saeed Hall 1 – Stand S1-C51.

Newsletter N°9 – Christmas 2016


Concert of Saint Stephan


Partita della Stella


Since many years Aceto Balsamico del Duca support the Charitas Baby Hospital of Bethlehem, that help children in the mangled zone of West-Bank.

The match will be played on Friday, December 30th, at Modena Palasport.

43° Corrida di San Geminiano

immagine5Aceto Balsamico del Duca will support the 43rd edition of the “Corrida di San Geminiano”.

Adriano Grosoli’s company supported the initiative as main sponsor for over 10 years, strengthening the bond with the city of Modena and with this important sport event, not only for competitive value, but also for pacifist meaning.


Christmas is coming!

nataleducaChristmas is coming and Aceto Balsamico del Duca presents an exclusive gift collection with many novelties characterized by elegance and respect for tradition.

Among the new trends for Christmas 2016 stands out the preciousness of Gold, present in the luxury line for Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, that celebrates the 125° Anniversary of the Company with a limited edition of 200 bottles for the best customers.

The original bottle by Giugiaro is exalted by the fine case with 24 carats gold leaf label (Extra-vecchio 25 years) or in pure pewter (for the 12 years old quality).

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Concert of saint Stephan

duomoModena Cathedral, Monday 26th December 2016 – h: 16.00.

Aceto Balsamico del Duca will offer again a Christmas Concert of unique intensity !

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Partita della Stella

ben_5674Since many years Aceto Balsamico del Duca support the Charitas Baby Hospital of Bethlehem, that help children in the mangled zone of West-Bank.

This year the match will be played on December 30th, at Modena Palasport.


Marathon of Reggio Emilia

logo_211Even this year Aceto Balsamico del Duca support athletes of Marathon of Reggio Emilia with a tasty present.

The race will be held on Sunday 11th December 2016 and over 3000 people from all over the world are waited.




At “del Duca” shop the “Ducard” is arrived!ducard

It is a fidelity card made by Aceto Balsamico del Duca for its customers.

It is free and personal. “Ducard” owners will benefit of 10% discount on the products periodically signed at the shop.

We’ll wait for you at via Medicine 2110, a San Vito di Spilamberto (MO).


Christmas with Emergency

300x250On December EMERGENCY organizes Christmas Places in different Italian cities: real shops for keeping fundraising money and share association’s activities.

Aceto Balsamico del Duca supports the initiative with the furniture of typical Christmas products beside many other important Italian companies.



Aceto Balsamico del Duca at the forefront of cancer prevention

The Black Gold of del Duca attends on November 2nd in New York to the handover ceremony of the Prize for Scientific Excellence in Medicine.


American-Italian Cancer Foundation was founded in 1980 by renowned breast cancer surgeon Umberto Veronesi, MD, a pioneer of breast-conserving surgical techniques in the treatment of breast cancer, and Alessandro di Montezemolo to involve young scientists, new ideas, trends, and research techniques that would enrich the scientific community and increase international collaboration in the fight against cancer.

Since 2007 Aceto Balsamico del Duca supports this important campaign by donating some excellences symbol of the Modena area: the Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena DOP, result of a long tradition and passion since four generations.

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Aceto Balsamico del Duca celebrates 125 years of history with the limited edition bottle with gold logo

The company from Modena commemorates the anniversary bringing to Sial Paris the design of Giugiaro in an exclusive luxury packaging


A luxury packaging for the precious bottle of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, drawn by the guru of Italian design Giorgetto Giugiaro: so Aceto Balsamico del Duca celebrates its 125 years of history. It is in fact in the year 1891 that the company of the family Grosoli celebrates the inscription in the register of the Chamber of Commerce in Modena, starting a history of made in Italy excellence that continues still today with the fourth generation of the family.

For the occasion a limited edition of the 100 ml Giugiaro bottle has been realized in two hundred samples with explanatory book that illustrates the product, its history and the correct use.

Great attention has been reserved to the packaging: the commemorative bottle in fact is contained in a refined case whose logo is in gold foil 24 carats, accompanied by a numbered parchment signed by Adriano Grosoli, grandson of the founder.

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Sial Paris

sialThe most important and glamour Exhibition will return to Paris for showing all new trends of world food.

The 27° edition expects incredible numbers: over 160000 attended visitors and  6500 exhibitors presents.

Let visit us at stand F029—Pavilion 1.for sharing all the novelties of the range and the exclusive Christmas packs 2016.

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Newsletter N° 6 – September 2016

immagine20In this issue you can find all next events: “Acetaie Aperte”, within the special event “Gusti.a.Mo16”, Absolute 911, Modena Motor Gallery, “La Portata dello chef”, Festival Francescano, Sial Paris 2016; and a fine recipe with the new Pearls with Balsamico “del Duca”.

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Absolute 911

Saturday, 17th September 2016

downloadModena is land of motors, beside gastronomic excellencies, and Aceto Balsamico del Duca will sponsor the prestigious meeting dedicated  Porsche 911 classic ( until 1989): ABSOLUTE 911. In the beautiful frame of Appennino modenese, the course will start from Modena to Fanano and Sestola, and will proceed  to the splendid Ninfa lake.

At the end of the tour, last stop to Sporting Club of Sassuolo, where the best crew will be awarded.


“La Portata dello chef”

immagine11During “Festival di Filosofia”, that will be held in Modena and its Province from 16th to 18th September, and at “Sagra del Lambrusco” of Sorbara (Friday 16th September), the products Aceto Balsamico del Duca will be protagonists of the initiative “La Portata dello chef”, dinners and tasting sessions in the name of tradition of Modena, by chefs of Consorzio Modena a Tavola.

Come and taste the original creations of the best chef modenesi!


Modena Motor Gallery

immagine12On Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th September, you can taste the products Aceto Balsamico del Duca at the 4° edition of  Modena Motor Gallery, the exhibition of cars and motorcycles that will take place at the Modena Fair centre. At the stand “del Duca” you will be delighted by the best vinegars, by the excellent fruit jams and by the new “pearls” with Balsamico.

Don’t miss it!

(Contact us for asking a ticket for the event: marketing@acetodelduca.it )


Festival Francescano

immagine13Even this year Aceto Balsamico del Duca is glad to support the “Festival Francescano”, today at 8° edition, that will be held in Bologna from 23rd to 25th September. Conferences, shows, exhibitions, didactic activities for children, at the numerous gazebo, will animate the centre of Bologna.

For the full program see the website:


Acetaie Aperte renews itself and grows up with Gusti.a.Mo.16

immagine18Sunday 2nd October 2016, the appointment with “Acetaie Aperte” will happen again, within the initiative “GUSTI.A.MO.16”, organized by Consorzi Tutela of typical products: PGI Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, PDO Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, PDO Parmigiano Reggiano, PDO Modena ham and Lambruschi DOC. An unmissable day, for tasting the precious Balsamic treasures of Italian gastronomy, known and appreciated  in the whole world, and for discovering all secrets and curiosities, while relishing the intense perfume released by the barrels. Even this year, Aceto Balsamico del Duca is glad to participate to the event, that will be a special occasion for celebrating the 125° Anniversary of the foundation. Adriano Grosoli personally, grandson of the founder, will welcome visitors for sharing with them this important goal.

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Newsletter N° 5 – Special Summer 2016

Immagine23In the special Summer issue you can find: an interesting research about Balsamic Vinegar consumption among young people of US and Germany, a tasty variation to a classical Greek recipe combined with the special product “dal 1891” BIO, and all the events planned for next months.

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Balsamic Vinegar of Modena protagonist among young people in Germany and USA: a healty and natural choice


According to a recent study by the Consortium Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, that has involved people coming from Germany and USA, the profile of the consumer of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena is well defined.

Interviewed people, with an age between 25 and 55 years, result with common characteristics: they are curious about food world and particular tastes, they look for taste even in the fastest occasions (lunches at job or the food “on the go”) or the salads, the dish of vegetables and “depurative diets”; and they are experienced and skilled in the kitchen or such considered in friends opinions.

They are also people that love to experiment, learning new recipes and modifying them to their liking and comparing with different culinary tradition.

From the lifestyle and from the approach to food of interviewed people, it is possible therefore to define some common

choices: as the attention to healthy products, to fitness, and to the importance to vary food as often as possible, the choice of fresh and less calories (it is impossible to define “healthy eating” if we don’t’ think about “eating well”).

The majority of interviewed has also underlined the importance to prepare and to choose the foods that is savoury but in a healthier way thanks to the use of spice and seasonings, way of cooking that exalt the tastes, the combination of ingredients with particular characteristics.

The different tendencies are in accord with the most general attention to the origin and the quality of foods and to the preference for short supply chain products and to certified biological origin.

The image spontaneously associated to the Balsamic Vinegar of Modena reveals some stereotypical pictures of the country and the Italian province and an ideal of “well living” linked to holidays and Mediterranean countries.

The result of this interesting study is therefore a further goad for Aceto Balsamico del Duca to keep on proposing a high quality Balsamic Vinegar, obtained by Italian certified raw materials, sometimes exquisitely local as “Solo Modena” and certified organic.

The passion and the experience set in every phase of the production, countersign the family Grosoli and allow them to propose always a Balsamic Vinegar of Modena “Al vertice del sapore”.