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“del Duca” Pearls

Perle del Duca PearlsBalsamic Vinegar of Modena “del Duca” becomes a delicious cascade of small pearls, real balsamic jewels that enrich the range of products with an exclusive and delicious touch.

Suggested for decorating special dishes and to exalt chefs’ creativity, they are perfect on beef or fish ‘carpaccio’, cheese, fruit salads, and finger food.  Original and amazing, they will surprise you with their explosion of taste, giving elegance and refinement to your table.

A unique emotion to be admired…and tasted!

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White Pearls

Perle Bianche-White PearlsSoft spheres obtained by the white sweet-sour dressing, real jewels that enrich every dish with a delicious and exclusive touch and exalt chefs’ creativity.

They are perfect on beef or fish ‘carpaccio’, mixed cheeses, fruit salads, finger food, foie gras, ice cream, and desserts. Their transparency doesn’t alter the visual equilibrium of the culinary creation and allows to better express the tones of the dish.

Original and amazing, they will surprise you with their explosion of taste, giving elegance and refinement to your table.

A unique emotion to be admired…and tasted!

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Sweet sour apple dressing

condimento mela

Dressing made of apple juice and Italian apple cider vinegar matured in barrels of precious wood.

It maintains all the healthy characteristics that help digestion.

It is available in the handy 250 ml size; it gives a sweet-sour and fruity flavor to your dishes.

Perfect on fresh vegetables, desserts or roasted and grilled beef.

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Apple cider vinegar

aceto mele

It is the result of the maturation of selected apple ciders, slowly fermented without any added sugar. Apple cider vinegar is ideal as a special seasoning and it is a healthy product.

It is appreciated for its pleasant scent of apple and its particularly delicate taste with low acidity.

It is suggested for salads, boiled vegetables, grains, and legumes; a tablespoon diluted in a glass of water facilitates the absorption of minerals, purifies and stimulates the digestion.

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Glaze with apple cider vinegar

crema mele
A dense and velvety cream with apple cider vinegar that adds a delicate sweet and sour taste to fish, patè, cheese, ‘panna cotta’ and other desserts.

The bottle is provided with a practical doser, ideal for decorating at best your dishes.

It is pleasant and intense; a few drops of this nectar will make unique every dish.

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White sweet & sour dressing

From a careful selection of sweet white grapes, combined with a constant research on innovative products, a new fruity sweet-sour dressing comes.

Sweet-smelling white wine vinegar and concentrated must from sole white grapes become a light and delicate product with attenuate acidity. It is the ideal seasoning for salads, white meats as chicken and turkey, and fish dishes.

This sweet-sour dressing is proposed in the practical 500 ml bottle and it is indicated for daily use. It is intended for those people who want to give a delicate and fruity touch without renouncing to the pleasure of the bittersweet taste.

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Wine vinegar

aceto di vino_gamma
Our production is based on the system of traditional slow fermentation with wood chippings in vats and barrels.

We select the best wines, with special physical-chemical characteristics, for obtaining high-quality vinegar.

The productive method consists of a top-down percolation of the wine on a regular basis with a simple falling down process.

This process lasts until the complete transformation of alcohol in acetic acid occurs. That leaves all the other peculiar components of the wine unchanged. It also confers to the product a high quality and a particular value.

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Saba Italian Dressing

SABA is a thick, dark and creamy syrup with a sweet taste and a very pleasant bouquet.

This typical product originated within the farmers’ traditions in the area of Emilia Romagna, and it is obtained through the slow cooking of fresh grape must.

Exquisite on matured cheese, ricotta or polenta: it is an excellent condiment for cooked vegetables and boiled meats.

Taste it also on ice cream… it’s fantastic!

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Glazes with Balsamic Vinegar of Modena

All the qualities of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena “del Duca” in a thick, smooth cream, ready for use.

Excellent seasoning for cooked or raw vegetables, on cheese, and to enhance the taste of each dish.

Ideal to create special decorations.

Discover the six different flavors produced exclusively with natural flavorings: original taste, orange, mixed berries, fig, rosemary, truffle.

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Organic jams with Balsamic Vinegar of Modena

vellutate con astucciThese jams are produced with fresh fruit or vegetable, cane sugar and Balsamic Vinegar of Modena del Duca.

Without pectin and gluten free. All the raw materials are organic certified.

Available in glass jars of 250gr and 140gr in onion, fig, strawberry, and pear flavors. Excellent with cheese, boiled or roasted meats, and with fish. The fruit jams are wonderful on bread, with yogurt or fresh ricotta cheese, for a tasty break or a delightful breakfast. The onion flavor makes unique and original the typical Italian ‘Bruschette’.

Organic jams ‘del Duca’ are available even in a fine case in one or two jars size.

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