Demì line


An exclusive 750ml bottle, fine and elegant.

The seal of “Adriano Grosoli – dal 1891” applied to each bottle guarantees the originality of the product and evokes the strong passion that the Grosoli family has dedicated to the Balsamic Vinegar for over 125 years.

Demì Silver is an original and unique recipe, that combines harmonious sweet and sour notes with a fresh fruity flavor, enhanced by a pleasant and always appreciated scent. It is perfect on fresh salads or for cooking tasty escalope.

Demì Gold is a Balsamic Vinegar of Modena rich in grape must, full-bodied and round tasted with delicate fruity notes, obtained from the maturation in fine oak barrels. It is indicated for pasta, risotto, polenta and fillet.

266 Demì Silver 0,5 cod. 266 Demì Argento
466 Demì Gold 0,5 cod. 466 Demì Oro

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