Organic jams with Balsamic Vinegar of Modena

vellutate con astucciThese jams are produced with fresh fruit or vegetable, cane sugar and Balsamic Vinegar of Modena del Duca.

Without pectin and gluten free. All the raw materials are organic certified.

Available in glass jars of 250gr and 140gr in onion, fig, strawberry, and pear flavors. Excellent with cheese, boiled or roasted meats, and with fish. The fruit jams are wonderful on bread, with yogurt or fresh ricotta cheese, for a tasty break or a delightful breakfast. The onion flavor makes unique and original the typical Italian ‘Bruschette’.

Organic jams ‘del Duca’ are available even in a fine case in one or two jars size.

 VELBDC01  organic pear jam  250  Pera
 VELBDC02  organic fig jam   250 Fico
 VELBDC03   organic strawberry jam  250  Fragola
 VELBDC04  organic onion jam  250 Cipolla 
VELBDC05 organic pear jam 140

Vellutata Bio di Pera 140g

VELBDC06 organic fig jam 140 Vellutata Bio di Fico 140g
VELBDC07 organic strawberry jam 140 Vellutata bio di Fragola 140g
VELBDC08 organic onion jam 140 Vellutata Bio di Cipolla 140g

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