TRAGNO“Tragno” is the typical ceramic container where the balsamic vinegar was stored at the end of the aging process until the following year when it was collected again. The oldest Balsamic was situated in this vase when, at the time of the reinforcements, the Balsamic Vinegar to be used during the year was extracted from the smallest and more valuable barrel.

The “Tragno” (in 250 ml size) is available with different qualities of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena:

Matured,  organic, and aged over three years.

The package comes complete with a little plate that picks up the drops. A perforated ceramic cap allows the oxygenation of the product.

801 Gold Cap 0,25 Picture 2900
809 Red Cap 0,25 Picture 2907
810 Aged 0,25 Picture 2903
840 Organic 0,25 Picture 2896
845 Organic Aged 0,25 Picture 2899

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