Wine vinegar

aceto di vino_gamma
Our production is based on the system of traditional slow fermentation with wood chippings in vats and barrels.

We select the best wines, with special physical-chemical characteristics, for obtaining high-quality vinegar.

The productive method consists of a top-down percolation of the wine on a regular basis with a simple falling down process.

This process lasts until the complete transformation of alcohol in acetic acid occurs. That leaves all the other peculiar components of the wine unchanged. It also confers to the product a high quality and a particular value.


AVB01 White wine vinegar 0,5 Aceto Bianco L 0,5
AVR01 Red wine vinegar 1  Aceto Rosso L 0,5
AVB02 White wine vinegar 0.5 Picture 3589
AVR02 Red wine vinegar 1 Picture 3591

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